Kids SuperGym-Mississauga promotes a healthy physical lifestyle through the sport of gymnastics. We encourage kids to be active in a safe, clean, fun, and unique environment. We are unique in that we offer purely recreational programs that focus on the fundamentals of gymnastics without the pressures of competition. Our structured programs are designed to instill strong basic skills that are required for both recreational and competitive athletes.

Although teaching gymnastics skills is our primary goal, our membership has come to view us as part of their family; and appreciate our focus on teaching morals, values, and life skills which we believe is the responsibility not only of the parent but also the community. We pride ourselves on giving careful consideration to each child’s class placement based on the child’s age, gymnastics experience and other information gathered from the parents.

Our friendly staff performs as a family oriented team. Whether it is the owner, office manager, coach or volunteer, the KSG team is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and trained. Our management team’s open door policy allows parents to discuss any matter, question or concern knowing that it will be addressed promptly and appropriately.

All staff which consists of N.C.C.P coaches, coaches in training (C.I.T.), volunteers and senior staff is required to attend regularly scheduled in-house training clinics. During these training workshops our coaches enthusiastically participate by sharing ideas, experiences, and coaching techniques. Initially, these sessions were intended to impart training techniques through mentorship from our senior coaches to our C.I.T.’s. Ironically, we have found that even our most junior team members have been able to contribute new, interesting, creative and innovative ideas that benefit all staff.

Kids SuperGym-Mississauga’s continued growth and success in the community, primarily through word of mouth, is testament to the suitability of its programs and the quality of its management and coaching staff.