Parent and Tot

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Parent and Tot Programs

This is a 45-minute program designed for toddlers ages 18mths up to 3yrs old.  The primary goal is to introduce the sport of gymnastics to very young children.  The key element is having the ability to follow instructions effectively.  We will focus on basic life skills, which include, listening, following verbal and visual instructions, waiting and taking one’s turn, as well as good sportsmanship.

There are two types of classes; the Parent Assisted class and the Parent Unassisted class.

Assisted Class

This class is designed for toddlers that require full support from their parent.

Unassisted Class

This class (which sounds like a contradiction) is designed for children who are almost ready to be independent; but may need occasional support from their parent. Our goal is to have the child able to follow the coaches instructions independent of the parent by the end of the session.

For both classes, the program is purposely 5-10 months long as it will take anywhere from 2 ½ to 5 months (depending on the age and personality of each child) for the children to understand the dynamics of the program as well as develop a relationship with their instructor. Keep in mind each child develops physically, mentally and emotionally at one’s own pace.