Raptors905 – Half-Time Show – Saturday November 25th 2017

Raptors905 – Half-Time Show – Saturday November 25th 2017
Our Demo Team will be performing at the Half-Time Show on Saturday November 25th 2017 at the Hershey Centre.  The game is schedule to start at 7:30pm.
The half-time show should be at around 8:20 pm or so.

Tickets are available for sale using the promo link and promo code below. 
There is a section of seats blocked for Kids SuperGym-Missssauga in each area. These seats will be blocked for us until 2 weeks prior to the performance.  Please be sure to purchase tickets through this link so that you receive our group discount and to ensure the count is going towards our group minimum.  
Also, tell your family and friends and share this link with them.

The Hershey Centre is set up so that the view from just about anywhere in the stadium is good.
For our own accounting, please send us an email letting me know, when you have purchased tickets, how many and in which section.

Promo Code: KSG905

***If the code comes up as ‘invalid’, try cutting and pasting the link into a new browser.  I tested the link and it worked fine when I accessed it from my desktop computer, but when I tried it on my laptop, I had to cut and paste the link for it to work.  Also, if you have problems accessing it from a work computer, cell phone or tablet, you should try from a desk top computer. ***