Frequently Asked Questions


Why does everyone have to take off their shoes at the front entrance?

Our participants are walking throughout the facility in bare feet and to ensure that our floors are kept as clean as possible, EVERYONE is required to remove ALL OUTDOOR FOOTWEAR at the front entrance. Kids SuperGym-Mississauga is maintained by a professional cleaning service numerous times throughout the week; and is kept up daily by the entire staff.

Are the coaches trained?

Yes.  Coaches are trained through the National Coaching Certification Program (N.C.C.P.)  have CPR and first aid certification as well as Risk Management.  We provide continuous in-house training through our extensive Coach-In-Training (CIT) Program as well as monthly coaching clinics on and off site.          Experienced clinicians are also brought in periodically to host training seminars.

What is the refund policy?

Regular Season Programs ( School Year Sept-June)  Cancellations are subject to an administrative fee of $30 for the regular programs upwards to half the monthly fee for specialized programs*.  Should you need to cancel before the end of your term payment for the remaining unused classes will be refunded minus the administrative fee of $30.  We require a minimum of two-week notice of cancellation.  DOES NOT APPLY TO SUMMER PROGRAMS.
Summer Programs:  No refunds, credits or make-ups.

Can we make up a class if it is missed?

Regular Season Programs (School Year Sept-June)  We are unique in that we offer make up classes for most of our programs.*
A maximum of 2 make-up classes are permitted per session for regular school year programs.  Make-ups must be reserved through the office. Make-ups have no cash value, are not transferable and expire once the session is over, or if your child has cancelled out of the program.  Restrictions to Make-Up classes:

  • no make ups allowed during the first 2 weeks of the start of a new session
  • no make-ups allowed during Parent’s Week in January and June
  • only 1 make up allowed during the month of June
  • for any classes missed in session one (Sept-Jan) you must make them up prior to APRIL 1
Do you offer drop in play times?

NO.   We are not an indoor playground.

Do you offer trial classes?

No. However, you may BOOK AN APPOINTMENT for a free assessment, where a coach will take you and your child for a brief tour throughout our facility; the coach will have your child test out some of the equipment and assess their abilities in order to place them in the most appropriate class.

What does the registration fee cover?

Primarily insurance, as well as administrative costs.

Do you offer competitive programs?

No. We are strictly a recreational facility, focusing on working each participant to his or her full potential. Our goal is to teach proper basics in order to avoid arriving at ‘dead end skills’.  This allows those participants that have the desire, aptitude and exceptional skill level, to move on to a competitive environment if they choose, while those that stay in our program continue to learn and acquire the more advanced skills at their own pace.

What should my child wear?

At KSG-M, all that is required is comfortable stretchy clothing, such as shorts and t-shirt. Body suits are appropriate but not a requirement.  Athletes should be bare feet.  You can purchase gymnastics attire from Saucy’s World

Do you offer discounts for having more than one child attend?

In our regular school year programs, yes.  10% for 2nd sibling, 15% for 3rd sibling or more

What does being a 'member' at Kids SuperGym-Mississauga exactly mean?
  • The participant is registered for the current school year season and insured under the Alternative Gymnastics Recreational Program (A.G.R.I.P.)
  • The participant will receive a 10% discount off the base price of the birthday.
  • The participant is eligible for early bird pricing offered at the end of the current season.
Why do the participants have to be barefoot?

In order to have the best traction while participating on the different types of matted surfaces in the gym.

What is the policy on inclement weather?

In the event, that we need to close due to extreme weather conditions out of our control and due to safety reasons, refunds and make-ups will not be available.

Do you provide tax receipts?

YES. Please request by email.

Are we allowed to take pictures?

During designated parent’s week, otherwise you must receive permission from the main office as well as the parents of the other children in your child’s class.

How will I know how my child is doing in class?

Communication is important; coaches are available to discuss your child’s progress at your request.  We have a viewing area, where parents are welcome to watch at any time.  During Parent’s Week, which occurs just before the end of each session, parents are invited into the gym to watch their child’s class, take pictures, and speak with the coaches. At the end of session two, participants will receive progress reports.

What do they learn?

All of our classes and camps are based on the fundamentals of gymnastics.  Depending on the participant’s age, level and experience, what they learn will differ; however, strength, flexibility, co-ordination and mental focus are taught and will lead each individual to acquire gymnastics skills at their own pace.


Are they active all day?

The kids are busy all day.  In order to give them some down time, we schedule a 15 minute snack break, a 15 minute arts & crafts period, and 2 -15 minute free play time slots in the PlayCentre, each morning and afternoon.

Do we have to sign up for the entire week?

No.  Our camps are flexible, in that you may pick and choose, 1/2 days and full days at your convenience.

What do they learn?

All of our classes and camps are based on the fundamentals of gymnastics.  Depending on the participant’s age, level and experience, what they learn will differ; however, strength, flexibility, co-ordination and mental focus are taught and will lead each individual to acquire gymnastics skills at their own pace.


Can we have extra time for a party if we pay for it?

No.  All parties are designed to be one hour of supervised activity in the PlayCentre and 45 minutes use of the eating lounge.

Do you provide food?

No.  Parents are responsible for providing food.  No PEANUT OR NUT products please.


How young can they start?
  • Gymnastics Classes – Our parent & tot program generally starts at 18mths, but we have had children as young as 12mths join our program.
  • Birthday Parties are geared for children 3yrs – 13yrs.
  • Camps, participants must be at least 4yrs old
What age do you go up to?
  • Gymnastics Classes – We also run adult classes, so as long as you are physically able there is currently no age limit.
  • Camps – we have had participants in their late teens participate in our acro tumbling camps
  • Birthday Party – we have done parties for kids in their early teens, and catered the party activities to their needs…ask us and we will see what we can do for you!
Where can I buy gymnastics attire?

Saucy’s World 
Outside of 9-5 Monday to Thursday, customers are welcomed to contact us to arrange either an evening or weekend appointment.  They can reach us via phone at 905-54-AT-GYM (905-542-8496) or email at

Do they use all of the equipment?
  • Gymnastics program – vault, bars, beam, floor and trampoline will be used
  • Acro Tumbling – floor, trampoline and vaulting area will be used (and sometimes bars for strength conditioning)
What if I'm late picking up my child?

Please call the office to notify us if you are able to.  Although we expect that children should be picked up at the end of their class time, we do have a policy that all children must remain in the building until they have been picked up. Our goal is to keep all of our children safe.

Can participants join part way through a session?

Yes, we have ongoing registration, so long that space is available you may join at any time, (except during the last month of our final session). Only, requirement is to join for the remainder of the current session.

Are you air conditioned?

Yes.  The entire facility is air conditioned.

What instructor to participant class ratio?
  • 6:1 for regular classes
  • 8:1 for summer programs
Do you offer trampoline programs?

No.  We do use trampoline as a learning tool for our gymnastics and acro tumbling programs.

What is the difference between gymnastics classes and acro tumbling classes?

Artistic gymnastics is what is most commonly known as ‘what people watch during the Olympics’   For the women’s events it consists of Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor, for the men’s events it consists of Vault, High Bar, Parallel Bars, Rings, Pommel Horse and Floor. At a recreational level, all participants will use vault, the bar area (also consists of rings and p.bars) beam, floor and trampoline.   Acro Tumbling at KSG-M consists of primarily floor work, focusing on the tumbling skills, also using the trampoline, our specialized vault area and conditioning to enhance learning.